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Hoarse voice is characterised by  increased hoarseness of the voice and is not banalRead more about a hoarse voice and how it can be treated. 

Vocal overuse and benign mucosal disorders.

Read more about overuse

of the voice and how it can be remedied.

Vocal hyperfunction or hyperkinetic use of the voice can be corrected. Read more about the causes and how it is treated.

As if a ball is stuck in your throat? Difficulty to burp? Read more about the causes. 

Spasmodic dystonia is a neurological disorder. Although the exact cause is not yet known, there is a treatment. Read more.

Vocal underuse, insufficient voice capacity, weak or painful voice. Read more about the causes and treatments here.

Chronic cough or a persistent feeling of irritation in the throat should be examined. 

Read more.

Vocal tremor or unstable voice can occur in isolation or along with neurological disorders such as dystonia. Read more.

Also called uncontrolled contractions of the muscles in the larynx. Read more about the causes and treatment.

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The voice is an important part of one's identity.  When you are not satisfied with how your voice sounds, read more here.


Hoarseness in children is often caused by improper voice use and voice misuse. Read more about how the voice examination in children is done.

Do you have inability to belch, gargling, bloating, pain in the chest or stomach area, or flatulence? Read more here about RCPD.

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