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The voice not self-explanatory
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The AZ Delta Stemkliniek specialises in the research and treatment of patients with voice problems. Our team consists of Ear-Nose-Throat specialists and speech therapists.

Singers, actors, television and radio presenters, teachers and other people who use their voice in function of their profession, but also people who have voice problems due to medical causes or complications of treatments can contact us.


When do I have a voice problem?

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms? Hoarseness, weak voice, dry throat, varying speech (outliers), difficulty in controlling breath, creaking voice or pain when using your voice. If so, you may have a voice problem and are advised to consult a doctor.

How can I take care
of my voice ?

Multiple factors can have a negative impact on your voice. We summarize for your 10 golden tips. Caffeinated drinks, reflux, smoking and alcohol, throat clearing, speaking in a noisy or dry environment can all have a negative impact. Drinking water, sufficient rest and using your voice correctly will take care of your voice. Read more.

Does medication or intake of other substances have an impact on my voice?

The following factors can cause problems: smoking (active or passive), drugs, aspirin and other blood-thinning medication, alcohol and medication with a drying effect (e.g. sleeping pills, nerve medication, etc.)


Hoarse voice is characterised by  increased hoarseness of the voice and is not banal. Read more about a hoarse voice and how it can be treated.

Vocal underuse, insufficient voice capacity, weak or painful voice. Read more about the causes and treatments here.


Vocal overuse and benign mucosal disorders.

Read more about overuse

of the voice and how it can be remedied.

Vocal hyperfunction or hyperkinetic use of the voice can be corrected. Read more about the causes and how it is treated.

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