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Planning an admission


An admission is normally agreed after a consultation moment. Exceptionally, the secretariat calls to arrange the necessary administrative formalities by telephone.


You will always be clearly informed of the timing and location of the admission. For admissions through the day hospital, the timing is often only announced one day in advance when the complete operation schedule is known. For example, the waiting time in the hospital on the day of the operation can be limited to you.

Choice of room

During the discussion of the admission, the room is already booked. There are double and single rooms. For a single room, a supplement may be charged by the service. Some insurance policies also pay back this supplement. You can request this from your insurer if you wish.



The visiting hours are between 2 pm and 8 pm in the afternoon. We recommend that you allow only short visits: your postoperative rest and rehabilitation is paramount.

Your exit from the hospital ​


When you are discharged from the hospital, you will receive all necessary documents and agreements. Letter for your general practitioner, prescription for speech therapist, postoperative disorders and use of voice and follow-up appointment with the doctor.

After your discharge from the hospital, you make a follow-up appointment with your doctor. The GP knows that you are back home. He can agree with you further on follow-up treatment and also prescribe the necessary post-operative medication. The postoperative policy is always clearly stated in the discharge letter.

Postoperative recovery

Postoperative recovery consists on the one hand of wound healing and on the other hand of recovery with speech therapy. The wound care is usually done with supervision by the general practitioner. If any doubt, it is best to contact the doctor through the general desk.


Postoperative speech therapy can be done by a speech therapist. This can be done by private speech therapists or ambulatory staff at the hospital's ENT service. In addition, independent practice at home every day is also very important for your recovery.

What to bring to your admission? 

  • identity card

  • your record booklet, (child) completed by you and your GP and supplemented with the requested pre-operative examinations and any additional medical reports

  • your home medication

  • toiletries and nightwear

  • insurance, confidential or work incapacity documents

Click here for more information concerning your admission in the hospital.

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